Seth is a four piece post-grunge, melodic rock band from Durban, South Africa. The current line-up comprises of Preston Ellapen (lead vocals, guitar), Jesse Pillay (lead guitar, backing vocals), Wayne Chetty (bass guitar) and Brandon Marigadu (drums). Sethís sound is intelligently crafted around their positive redemptive lyrics, which draws musical influence from U2, Switchfoot and Creed.

The first incarnation of Seth began in the winter of 2002 when a few friends got together to record an album. At the time, recording the album seemed to be a once off thing and no-one thought that it could lead to a career. The whole process and release of the album endured for about two and half years. In this period the band did not perform any live shows but instead underwent intense sound refining and learned much about the music industry. The album was launched in sold out concert in August 2005. By this time two local radio stations were playing Sethís title track ďFine DayĒ and the response from the community was more than expected. But somehow the band felt that their debut album didnít represent the band that Seth had matured into.

In the last two years Seth has performed in many venues across Kwa-Zulu Natal. The band line-up and sound has slightly changed but all has occurred to transform Seth into one of Durbanís hottest acts.


23 March 2008 -

Seth performs at Splashy fen 2008.

19 March 2008 -

Release of Splashy Fen 2008 Album

18 March 2008 -

Euphoria played on Barney Simonís show